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Best SEO for 2018

In 2017, almost ninety percent of businesses adopted new approaches to market their services and products. Aside from this, you find that it changed the way businesses get better ranking in the search engines through SEO. According to a report released by HubSpot recently, around twelve billion searches are done online on average each month. Due to this reason, adherence to the best SEO practices can get you quality traffic to your website and boost your brand awareness at the same time. With strong brand awareness, you can enjoy higher profits and stand out amidst your competitors. In this piece, we are going to look at some of the best SEO 2018 tips that you should consider to ensure you remain on top of the game.

1. Quality Social Content

With the passage of time, the content that you post on major social networking platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter will be very important on SERPs. For your information, around seventy-six percent of marketers use social media platforms to boost SEO. So, it is essential to ensure that you will create quality content to rank your tweets or posts higher on search engines for the benefit of your business.

2. Videos Will Take Over

Videos are very important because they keep viewers engaged and entertained. Apart from this, you find that quality videos can help to improve your ranking on search engines. According to Marketing Land Company, about sixty-two percent of Google searches are about videos. So, making videos part of your content will be the best idea to improve your SEO come 2018.

3. Mobile Friendly Websites

No doubt, in the near future mobile will be important than ever before because it will be used by many people as the primary search device. Therefore, you will need to ensure that your business website is mobile friendly and optimized to improve your site visits. This is one of the key features that you should pay attention to if you want better results in regard to SEO.

4. Improve User Experience

This is another best SEO for 2018 feature that you need to watch. You must understand that it is your duty to ensure your customers and other visitors to your website get the best experience. As a matter of fact, a good user experience increases their chances of conversion automatically. More so, SEO standards that are in place emphasize on ranking websites that are designed well highly than those that don’t give a good user experience.


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