Fixed Price SEO Services


Budget Friendly and Effective SEO Packages

While we pride ourselves on providing incredible return on investment for our clients,  we frequently receive requests from business owners that would prefer an SEO package that would give them a tremendous boost in their SEO, but would be more budget-friendly.

With that in mind we built these three fantastic and powerful SEO options

Keyword Research

Using multiple tools and research software, we research the best keywords that we use to optimize your website

Optimize Your Website

On-site optimization is a fundamental and essential element of SEO. It is one of the most important factors that Google looks at.

Social Properties

Get Your Social Media websites set up and ready to go. In this day and age, social presence is a must.


Have a video put up on your own optimized YouTube channel to increase exposure for your business.

Pricing Plans

Please note – this does not include SEO Services, prices are for whatever is in the description above.


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